Student Voice

鈥楽tudent voice鈥 and 鈥榮tudent agency鈥 have become buzzwords in recent years, referring to the active participation of students in shaping their educational experience and environment. Student voice recognises that young people possess unique perspectives, insights, and aspirations that are invaluable in creating a vibrant and inclusive school community. Enabling students to be active contributors to their school and the ways it functions unlocks a wealth of creativity, innovation, and engagement. I believe that recognising and valuing the views of the students in our care is both sensible and valuable. Including student voice in what we do and who we are, ensures that students are heard as well as playing an important role in developing the skills needed to be active, informed citizens in adult life.

At 橙子影院, the ethos of student voice has been wholeheartedly embraced for some time and is reflected in collaborative decision-making and student empowerment. We saw an excellent example of student voice this week, as Ms Birch introduced the new High School student Code of Conduct at our Wednesday morning assembly.

Some years ago, Mr Shadgett facilitated the creation of the Code with a group of students; this year, it has been updated with input from current students. Through mentor group consultation and discussion, students were given the opportunity to be actively involved in co-creating a Code of Conduct that reflects their values, aspirations, and expectations. This inclusive process not only resulted in a more relevant and meaningful Code of Conduct but also strengthened the sense of community and shared responsibility among students.

As we look towards the future, 橙子影院 remains dedicated to nurturing a culture where student voice continues to be valued, respected, and empowered. Ms Birch is in the throes of planning the continuation of her student leadership program introduced last year and I know that those who embrace the opportunity to make a difference will benefit hugely from the experience. At 橙子影院, we are proud to be developing the leaders of tomorrow.


Dr Julie Harris