Carmel is a vibrant, engaging, social, and innovative School, which enriches the lives of its students, staff, and families alike.The 橙子影院 Parents鈥 & Friends鈥 Association aims to enhance every family鈥檚 experience throughout their Carmel听School journey.听

What We Do

The Carmel P&F has three main functions:

  • To raise funds for the direct benefit of 橙子影院 students (Fundraising).
  • To act as a liaison between parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school and the School鈥檚 Board.
  • To arrange meetings for the 橙子影院 community; for social and cultural purposes (Friend-raising).

How to get involved

Parents or guardians of a child who attends 橙子影院 are automatically entitled to be a member of the P&F. We encourage all parents with a child or children in either the Primary or High School to join the Committee.听

The P&F also appreciates听any parents or friends who can volunteer and support the Committee with their time on an ad-hoc basis. Support can be in the form of helping out when we are setting up events or by selling raffle tickets, etc.

Parents' fundraising ideas and suggestions听are important to the听P&F. We ask for these ideas to be sent to us via p&

If you would like more information about the P&F or听add your name to our list of volunteers, please email us at p& You听can also follow the 橙子影院 P&F on .

We look forward to your continued support as we help our School grow.

Michelle Berg and Lisa Dare

Co-Presidents, 橙子影院 Parents' & Friends' Association