Parents' group seated in library

We are excited to extend our听new Friday Playgroup for children starting Kindy in the following year.

Carmel Friday听Playgroup

Friday Playgroup is dedicated to fostering the growth of pre-kindy aged children in preparation for their Kindergarten journey in the following academic year. The program offers the opportunity to engage in learning experiences cemented in play-based opportunities which not only capture children鈥檚 interests but also lay the groundwork for lifelong success. Friday Playgroup听is focused on instilling a passion for learning and nurturing an active, self-motivated mindset within the framework of Modern Orthodox Judaism. 听

We are delighted to extend our 2024 pre-kindy families the opportunity to choose from a weekly session (during term time), held on Fridays, allowing us to celebrate Shabbat together.听

The session will be run by experienced educator Sami Speers to offer a wide range of activities, all of which enhance the learning experiences for your pre-kindy aged child. This is done through a variety of mediums, including: 听

Kabbalat Shabbat听
Sensory exploration听

Students are accompanied by a parent/guardian to experience this 90-minute session together. Please note these sessions are specifically designed for parents/guardians to immerse in the environment with their pre-kindy child. The sessions are not suitable for younger children; thus we kindly request no siblings. 听听

A separate session for all pre-school aged children is offered on Wednesday mornings from 8:40am to 10:00am.听

Friday Playgroup sessions are held every Friday during term time at the following times:听

1:30pm to 3:00pm听

This term, will run with no cost to families. We simply ask that you commit to a session time over the the whole term.

To ensure a positive experience is had by all, spaces are limited. Secure your spot today by clicking .

Carmel Wednesday Playgroup

Our very popular Wednesday Playgroup will continue for families with children from 0-4 years from 8:40am during term time.

How will your children benefit from Carmel Playgroup?

It is a safe and nurturing environment where children can play and learn under the guidance of one of our high-quality educators each week.

There will be many opportunities provided by the educators for the children to create, invent, reason and problem-solve with others in the group.

Many opportunities to build attachment between adults and children as they play together, and share time and experiences.

Children will also begin to learn social skills as they negotiate with peers, resolve conflict, take turns, share and, importantly, start to make friends.

Building resilience as a young person will enable them to cope with new situations and become familiar with and confident in the 橙子影院 surroundings.

Term 2 Playgroup will finish on Wednesday 26 June 2024 and recommence on Wednesday 17 July 2024 for Term 3.

How will families benefit from Carmel Playgroup?

Our Playgroup provides a place where parents, and caregivers, can support each other by sharing ideas, parenting experiences, concerns and information.

A place where families can build long-term friendships as their children grow and transition to school.

As part of this group, you will have the opportunity to engage with and observe the high-quality educators at 橙子影院 in action.

All are welcome. Please email听for more information.